Rug & Kilim

"Naturally made rugs can withstand more than 100 years in favorable conditions. A natural rug is literally a heritage."

Durability: an often-overlooked aspect of a sustainable lifestyle! In an effort to stand against throw-away culture we make sure to only offer carpets and rugs that will last you a lifetime. Turkish carpets, which are traditionally double knotted, are stronger and able to last longer than those found elsewhere. Not to mention, these classic rugs and kilim motifs have remained stylish for centuries - yes, literally centuries! These items won’t be going out of style any time soon.


What makes a kilim a kilim? This style of textile lays flat, is woven on a loom, and then hand-knotted to close the weave. They are usually made of wool and the designs are double-sided. In addition to making great area rugs, these flat textiles can be hung as wall decorations and can even be used to make kilim pillows.


Our collection is also versatile in style! Rich colors and oriental patterns are perfect for those with an adventurous spirit and drawn to a boho-chic aesthetic. Muted, softer hues found in our kilim selection offer a minimalist approach to pull any room together. No matter what your design style, a timeless Turkish accent mat or large area carpet is an elegant and sophisticated choice.


The rugs we source are always made from natural materials such as silk, wool, or cotton and dyed with natural dyes. Eco-friendly and safe for you and those you love.