• Origin: Western Anatolia Mugla
  • Material: Aegean Recycled Olive Wood
  • Diameter: 9" (23cm)
  • Technique: 100% Handmade and hand carved by local craftsmen
  • Visible Natural Living Pattern
  • Atelier Origins ID: D2019120128
  • Amazon ID: B085F2TX7R


SKU: D2019120128
  • Rub your olive wood periodically with mineral oil or olive oil. Repeat when the utensils appear dull and the last oil treatment has worn off.

  • Olive wood is one of the presents of the nature for us. It is durable, less porous, overall stronger and resistant to fungi. 

    It has been used since ancient times for small woodenware objects, spoons, bowls, boxes, carvings, turnings, inlays, small decorative items and it also makes excellent, but very expensive flooring.

    Atelier Origins collects pieces of high quality woods before they are sent to be used for fire. In local crafstmen's hands, these dead wood pieces come back to life again. Atelier Origins loves recycled products.