• Name: Nomadic Masterpiece Wool Area Rug
  • Origin: Southeast Turkey
  • Material: Cotton and Wool, Natural Dye, Madder 
  • Size(WxL): 3'12" x 6'6" (121x198cm) Area:2,4sqm
  • Technique: 100% Handmade, 100% Handwowen with crochet 
  • Style and Design: Elegant, Bohochic, Rahrah, Geometric
  • Thickness: Ultra Light
  • Atelier Origins ID: RK2019120103
  • Amazon ID: B084WMG4FH


SKU: RK2019120103
  • Maintenace: Clean gently and regularly with vinegar mixed water (equal parts) or professional dry cleaning. %100 wool natural rugs are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergic products. In favorable conditions this rug can stand more than 50 years.