• Marble Tray / Plate
  • Material: Natural Marble
  • This products is made from wasted marble. No other composite material is used
  • Technique: Fine craftsmanship with polished finish
  • Diameter: 10" (25cm) Height: 1,2" (3cm)
  • Suitable for food serving, pet feeding, home décor such as jewellery tray, bathroom tray or vanity tray.
  • Amazon ID: B085F4524W

MARBLE TRAY 10" / 24cm

SKU: D2019120115
  • During the cutting process of marble, a large quantity of waste is generated. According to statistics, 20% of total marble quarried become wasted. Leaving these waste materials to the environment directly can cause environmental problem. Marble producers do not use that waste due to high reproduction cost.

    Atelier Origins decided to take a responsible step and to sell marble products only made from wasted marble. All our marble products are made from marble pieces existing in marble wastelands. These pieces are carefully selected and handy picked on site by our team.

    A very few craftsmen managed to reproduce end-products from these wasted marble pieces.

    Atelier Origins love to make a difference in every way possible in order to #giveitbacktonature.

  • Wash regularly with water and natural soap.

    Do not wash in dishwasher.