We choose #giveitbacktonature as the core message of our business model.


Why #giveitbacktonature?


Because the ecosystem that supports our lives and our lifestyles always comes first! And with this responsibility to our shared home at the front of our minds, we choose #giveitbacktonature as the core message of our business model. It serves as our daily reminder and inspiration that business and the physical world around us can seamlessly blend.


Our products are sourced from the heart of Anatolia, the land of our origins. You may know this land as modern-day Turkey, where handmade textiles and crafts are still made with natural processes - many of which are made in ways that haven’t changed for hundreds of years! We take great joy in meeting the local artists who we source our products from. The care and reverence the locals have for the raw materials which they work with is evident. Each item produced is unique, making them one of a kind! With love for our country’s people and pride in our mission, the ecological home decorations in our store are hand-selected with you in mind - those who seek out sustainable ways to make their own home a home.


We don’t see us, humans, as separate from the natural environment. This is why in addition to giving back to nature through offering eco-friendly home decor options packaged in a biodegradable way, we pledge to give back to women and children as well by donating to causes that support them.